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Building Momentum

It’s a warm, quiet, tranquil afternoon. The stale air in the classroom is disturbed in my direction every thirty seconds. Around me sit twenty-eight junior high students,  their brows, slightly sweaty, hair clinging to them, eyes constantly glazed over, and minds perpetually adrift with thoughts of summer. My eyelids are getting heavy; I'm fading. Then the stale breeze from the fan hits my face again. That oscillating fan is my lifeline. 
This old brick junior high building is warm and humid inside. Each classroom feels more soupy than next.  My teacher is droning on and on about something that could only be described as “sciencey”. The 13-year-old me tries to listen, I genuinely want to pay attention, but my brain has melted inside my head. I’m hoping that subconsciously I’ll retain whatever is important. Consciously, all I can think about is Mountain Dew Slurpees.

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Work smarter, not harder: A peek at the tools we use

We are always looking for ways work smarter and more efficient. We have seen first hand, you can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have the right tools to collaborate or execute, you will never realize your company's potential. That's why when we started Cinch, we knew we needed the right mix of tools and a solid foundation on how we should be using them to move us in the right direction. Here's a breakdown of the tools we use to help our remote teams stay connected and collaborative.

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Building A Beautiful Brand

In today's market, the price of entry for any company or product is good design. Consumers don't buy ugly. In fact, we have taught them that good design means credibility, trust, referrals, quality, reliable, professionalism, and conversion. Naturally, those are all positive emotions we want our customers to have. These emotions form a seductive power that draws people to your brand. If people are drawn to your brand, they will purchase your goods or services…or better yet, advocate on your behalf!

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We Activate Brands

We have always told our partners that you don't decide on what your business is, your customers tell you. We should have taken our own advice. We believed that making the process of using an agency more transparent, simpler, and efficient was what businesses wanted. We thought they wanted to see the costs up-front, choose from packages, and buy based on their needs. We weren't necessarily wrong, but we also weren't necessarily right.

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80% of success is showing up

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: "80% of success is showing up".

As a business owner I never really agreed with that. How could I? In order to make sure that my business is healthy I need to always be looking for new leads, taking meetings with customers, attending trade shows, etc. Certainly stuff that I love doing but it’s much more involved than just “showing up”. Surely that saying is wrong.

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The power of storytelling

As a movie buff, an avid reader, and a video game connoisseur, I could care less about the flash and spectacle. Substance matters. For me, the most important part of being and feeling engaged is a great story.  It’s that feeling of engagement that causes stories to stick with me long after the time I’ve watched, read or interacted with them.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could cement that engagement with our customers (either current or potential)? If you build your online presence right, you can.

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