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Building Momentum

It’s a warm, quiet, tranquil afternoon. The stale air in the classroom is disturbed in my direction every thirty seconds. Around me sit twenty-eight junior high students,  their brows, slightly sweaty, hair clinging to them, eyes constantly glazed over, and minds perpetually adrift with thoughts of summer. My eyelids are getting heavy; I'm fading. Then the stale breeze from the fan hits my face again. That oscillating fan is my lifeline. 
This old brick junior high building is warm and humid inside. Each classroom feels more soupy than next.  My teacher is droning on and on about something that could only be described as “sciencey”. The 13-year-old me tries to listen, I genuinely want to pay attention, but my brain has melted inside my head. I’m hoping that subconsciously I’ll retain whatever is important. Consciously, all I can think about is Mountain Dew Slurpees.

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