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Gaining Perspective

We can attest that having our own business is quite the ride. No two days are ever alike. We'll have busy days, slow days, frustrating days, and rewarding days. It's just the nature of the beast. At times it feels like we're losing your sanity. To-do lists pile up all around us with so much to be done and so little time. At times it has felt like we will never dig out.

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We Activate Brands

We have always told our partners that you don't decide on what your business is, your customers tell you. We should have taken our own advice. We believed that making the process of using an agency more transparent, simpler, and efficient was what businesses wanted. We thought they wanted to see the costs up-front, choose from packages, and buy based on their needs. We weren't necessarily wrong, but we also weren't necessarily right.

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Making a difference

We didn't start Cinch to be another advertising agency. We aimed to be something better. I'm sure you're saying right now that everybody says that...but I'd argue that we mean something different by it. We aren't talking about bigger and better services, we're talking about getting back to that ideal of getting what you pay for - and giving everyone a fair shake in the process. 

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