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Design with Purpose

Design is everywhere. It's the reason you can successfully navigate an airport, pick the coffee you love, or enjoy reading your favorite book from any device. It's the lack of design that can make those tasks–and more–incredibly difficult. Design is always felt, but it isn't always good. When it comes to great design, some say that it can't be explained, that it's the magic that happens during the creative process. But we respectfully disagree. 

The Science of Great Design

Great design comes from an understanding of the problem, the audience, and the need. It's deliberate. Not magic. While we all want to believe talent is 100% responsible for those great outcomes, the creative process is the hidden piece that makes all the difference. Some of the most successful problem solvers, designers, and illustrators will tell you that the key to being creative is their process.

So why isn't there more engagement and collaboration when designing? There's an unfortunate perception that including people in the process turns it into "design by committee." But it's less about opinion-seeking and more about knowledge-sharing. Sharing the approach and thinking about the work with others allows the maker to discover blind spots, critical insights, and additional inspiration. It also creates universal understanding and emotional connection.

It Starts with the First Step

The greatest part about working this way is that you can start doing it whenever you want. Collaboration and engagement aren't exclusive to the beginning of the process. Sure, it's much easier to start working collaboratively and building a foundation that everyone agrees on right from the beginning, but it doesn't mean it's the only way to do it.

In fact, we come into the process with our clients during a lot of different stages. But no matter the stage, our process is engagement and collaboration. Just to reiterate, this isn't to build consensus; it's to increase our understanding of the problem. We also believe firmly that it's how you create great work–by having everyone invested in the outcome, working together towards a common goal.

So keep this in mind the next time you are working with a creative partner. What's their philosophy? What level of involvement are they expecting from you? Are you a client or a partner? Are they invested in your success?

Here's a quick recap in the event you decided to skim through this post:

  1. Great design isn't magic
  2. Great design comes from an understanding of the problem, the audience, and the need
  3. Great solutions come from engagement and investment, not consensus 
  4. Demand to be involved and invested in the creative process, but trust your creative partners
  5. You can start working collaboratively at any time

Thank you for reading our post and for giving us an audience to share our passions with. If you don't have a creative partner or are looking for a new one, we would love to hear from you. 


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