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We Activate Brands

We have always told our partners that you don't decide on what your business is, your customers tell you. We should have taken our own advice. We believed that making the process of using an agency more transparent, simpler, and efficient was what businesses wanted. We thought they wanted to see the costs up-front, choose from packages, and buy based on their needs. We weren't necessarily wrong, but we also weren't necessarily right.

Everyone loved the simpler process, transparency, great suggestions, and overall approach; they just didn't want to make purchases based on it. When utilizing a service, what you're really buying is...the people. 

We would get a call or email from and interested party, and after some back and forth about how we could help and how our packages worked, it would result in "That's great, I like you guys. But I'm not really interested in a package, but could you do branding for me?", "Develop a product strategy?", "Help me name a product?" or "Create a customer experience program around my service offering?"

Yes, we absolutely can.

After 6 months 90% of our sales comprised of work that had nothing to do with our packages. It was time to pivot and rethink our agency. We decided to drop the packages approach and get to the root of what it is we really loved to do and how we truly helped our partners–we activate brands. Armed with diverse professional backgrounds and life experiences, our creative team of problem-solvers helps new brands and experienced ones through a user-centered approach. From ideas to delivery, we provide solutions independent of channel that impact your brand in meaningful, and lasting ways. 

The best part about this realization? This is really the value we wanted to bring to our partnerships all along. We were just a bit "off" in our thinking about how to actualize it. The past few months have been a humbling experience, one that reinforces a core belief we have–listen to your customers. Your customers know who you are, and how you can help. Be the best you, for them, you possibly can.

We are extremely happy about our journey over the last 6 months. We thank everyone for the amazing support, trust, and guidance we have received along the way. To our partners, thank you for believing in us, and helping us find ourselves.

Cinch, we activate brands.

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